About Us

Since 1955, Gallops has been manufacturing products for a wide range of applications from hospital and medical equipment to carrying out fishing vessel repairs. Over the last 22 years we have been supplying water bottle trolleys to the industry with thousands sold across the UK, Europe and worldwide.


All Gallops equipment is manufactured in our factory based in Eastbourne, East Sussex which has been our base for over 30 years! If you wish to come and visit us or discuss how our products meet your needs please CLICK HERE to view our map and contact details. 


We have an extensive amount of experience in precious metal and non ferrous material fabrication. We have been manufacturing  quality pieces of furniture and MRI equipment to compliment the needs of the NHS, private hospitals and other medical establishments since the business was first started over 55 years ago.


With over fifty five years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have the ability to produce marvellous bespoke and custom products to fulfil the needs of all our customers.